Sweet Summer Blessings

by Julie Dibble, MA

The warm air is heavy and damp

Sweat-beads line my wrinkled head

Low water, stomach begins to cramp

Rise up, July days are squandered in bed

Slide my bare feet into my flips

Unsocked toes wiggle and stretch

Eyes tasting sprinkled double dips

Cone piled high while I sit on the bench

For summer is its own baked heaven

Made with spirits that travel light

Sunrays still shine at evening’s seven

Glow-bugs illuminate the black of night

Ahhh! The fire in the works

The smoke-cooked steak

Smile and laughter send sparks

Glory to Him in all that He makes.


Julie Dibble is a Christian speaker and author who experienced a late-in-life transformation. She is forever grateful. She is a member of Word Weavers Online Groups. Julie blogs her authentic walk with Jesus: www.juliedibblewrites.wordpress.com. You may connect with her at https://facebook.com/jdibble4Him/ or https://twitter.com/@julie_dibble




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